Is Hitting A Parked Car Considered Hit And Run Accident

If you were to damage another vehicle, and then leave the scene without fulfilling your obligations, then you could be charged with having caused a hit and run accident. What are your obligations? You must share your contact information with the owner of the damaged vehicle as per personal injury lawyer in Stratford.

There are 2 types of hit-and-run accidents.

One type covers those situations where a motorist has hit a moving vehicle, and has then left the scene of that same incident. The second type covers a situation in which a motorist has hit a parked vehicle, and has driven away without leaving any contact information.

Actions taken by someone that has hit a parked vehicle, and does not want to be charged with causing a hit and run incident

If you have been hurt, call for medical assistance and try to identify the owner of the damaged vehicle. If you cannot identify the owner, then leave a note with the following information:

—Your name and contact information
—The model and make of your vehicle
—Your license numbers
—In some states you must also file a police report

Other actions that could be taken as a precaution

• Record the time and location of the incident.
• Call the police
• Take photographs of the damage and the location
• Speak with any witnesses
• Notify your insurance company
• Speak with an attorney

What should you do if you discover damage to your automobile, after you have left it in a parking space?

Learn whether or not there were any video cameras focused on the parking lot. If so, then request to examine the recent footage from that same video camera. Look for a note; if you do not find one, you could search for any paint marks. That way you would know the color of the vehicle that caused the damage.

Check for the presence of possible witnesses, and speak with them. Take a picture of the damage and the location.

Call the police if you feel that you could help the police to find the responsible motorist. Give thought to what the nature of the observed damage might reveal about any damages to the other vehicle. Does that thought manage to suggest any features that the police could keep in mind, during their search?

Call your insurance company, if you plan to file a claim. If you have purchased the uninsured motorist option, you might be able to get coverage for the cost of any repair job. Otherwise, any money for repairs would need to come from the liability terms in your policy.

Learn from a lawyer what could happen if you failed to report the damage. Could you face questions, following involvement in another accident?

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